Identifying risks and opportunities and providing solutions for our banking partners

REAM Capital Partners LLP develop strategies to create value for our banking partners.

Our Services

Identify risks and opportunities

Provide solutions

REAM provides a rapid and detailed evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of non performing real estate positions.

  • Evaluation of the underlying real estate, to include: physical inspections, analysis of in-place and projected income and an assessment of macro and micro market influences.
  • Analysis and stress test of existing business plan assumptions and an assessment of the required resource to execute the business plan.

REAM will develop a strategy to create value for our Banking partners. This may include:

  • Provision of fresh strategic asset management plans to maximise proceeds over an agreed time frame.
  • Acting as the strategic asset manager in order to implement the agreed business plan.
  • Injecting new equity into the capital structure to acquire assets, fund capex, undertake refurbishment or redevelopment or to pay down debt to more manageable levels.
  • Project monitoring of agreed business plans with existing borrowers.
  • Negotiation of mutually beneficial loan restructurings between banks and their borrowers.