Dedicated asset management solutions to the UK commercial real estate banking industry

REAM Capital Partners LLP are focused exclusively on providing asset management services to the commercial real estate banking industry.

Our objective is to maximise loan and asset recoveries for our banking partners by utilising our asset management capabilities and injecting fresh equity where required.

The REAM professional team has over 65 years of combined real estate, corporate finance and banking experience gained at leading investment banks, financial institutions, property companies and agents.

REAM is headquartered in London and has 19 dedicated real estate professionals with regional representation across the UK.

REAM performs the following roles:

  • Evaluation of the underlying real estate.
  • Provision of strategic asset management plans.
  • Implementation of the agreed business plan as strategic asset manager.
  • Joint venture partner and equity provider to recover value over time.
  • Analysis and stress test of in-place borrower business plans.
  • Project monitoring of agreed business plans.
  • Negotiation of mutually beneficial loan restructurings between banks and their borrowers.